CS01: F.O French Pressin'


So if you’re like me, you most likely have craft beer lovers and pioneers as friends and then you obtain their friends. Couple weeks ago a friend had a last minute idea to get a small gathering at their house and reach into their cellar and pop open some bottles/cans:

  • Smog City - Infinite Wishes (2018)

  • The Rare Barrell - For Ever More

  • Highland Park Brewing - Lazy Susan

  • Superstition Meadery - Grand Cru Berry

  • Bottle Logic Brewing - Paisley Cave Complex (2018)

  • Unsung Brewing - Marvel-ous Marzen

  • Modern Times Brewing - Harvest of Memories

  • Speciation Artisan Ales - Incipient (Red Wine Barrel Aged w/ Peach & Apricot)

  • Bottle Logic Brewing - Number Crunch (2017)

  • Good Beer Co. - Blackberry Oro

  • Angry Chair Brewing - 5 Second Rule

  • Horus Aged Ales - Proper Dose

So our buddy Carl, had a crazy idea that I’ve never heard of before. Was to French Press beer and special ingredients and additives we wanted to taste in the beer.
We were like; “Fuck it, why not” So we grabbed two bottles of Fundamental Observation 2018 by Bottle Logic Brewing located in Anaheim, California. (Our local homies).

Step 1: Find what you wish to add into the french press to pull flavors and add to the beer. We decided to use coconut, freshly ground coffee and marshmallows.

Step 2: Prep Ingredients to your desire. We toasted the coconut and very finely grinded up coffee and pieced up 3 GIANT marshmallows.

Step 3: Add all into french press and mix it all up.

Step 4: Add Beer (Stout of choice)

Step 5: Mix it slightly and put it in the fridge for about 20-30 mins (or as long as you like)

Once you’re ready take it out of the fridge, Press it down and then pour as desired and then blend with the other bottle of the you’re using so in our case, We opened the other bottle of Fundamental Observation and blended as we desired preferred taste. Overall consensus was that you get a lot of coffee in the aroma but a decent amount of the coconut in the taste. Still a great experiment and fun time.

“Drink Good Beer With Good Friends”

- A P

Alexander Ponce